Click HERE for the Map (it's in the South Grove neighborhood)

Jon and Suzanne Back - already working on updates and changes for the 2018-2019 Season. It will be our 14th year of synchronized music and lighting. Our 2017 Christmas Light display was synchronized to the music of eleven different songs.

You "Listen to the Lights" by tuning your car's radio to FM 95.5 so that you can listen to our personal FM transmitter.  If you forget the number, don't worry; there is a sign in the yard to remind you.

For 2017, we had approximately 60,000 lights (they are so much trouble to actually count) on the house and in the yard. Many of the lights (on the arches and on the roof and the garage door) can be any color by changing their Red, Green and Blue values, just like your TV picture.

The lights are computer controlled on roughly 154,000 (up from 96,000 last year) independent channels spread across dozens of different types of controllers. The master computer driving the display and music is a Raspberry Pi. That master computer is controlling four remotely controlled computers.

Programming is done using the free (and so much fun) software called xLights. ( 

The display has gotten large enough that it takes the equivalent of 300 DMX Universes to control all the lights. It took a lot of planning and updates, but my display has never been more precise and dependable. Worth the effort, for sure.